Edith Bulle, born in 1949, holds a Master of Arts in Teaching, is a trained Waldorf remedial educator and learning therapist, experienced in applying several techniques of intervention, like Extra Lesson (Audrey McAllan), Educational Kinesiology (Paul Denison), SAMONAS Sound Therapy (Ingo Steinbach) and Reflex Integration (Svetlana Masgutova, Brendan O’Hara).

In the 35 years of her professional work, she has collected expertise with children and adolescents with special needs in a variety of settings world-wide.
She engaged herself in private and public school settings as a teacher and consultant, lived and worked in a group home for adolescent delinquents, and accompanied young people with developmental difficulties as class teacher in a remedial Waldorf school for many years. Her goal has always been to create spaces and settings for young people to develop their individual potential.

Thus she was founder of several institutions and projects for young people along the way, which are still running successfully today. One of them was an after- school day care centre, run as a parent initiative, another was a bio-dynamic farm, designed as a school project for upper school students and a residential setting for students who had finished their schooling.

Having received parts of her professional training in the US and Australia, Edith is fluent in English, which enabled her to take on a position as Learning Support Coordinator at a Waldorf School in South Australia.

She also works with children and parents individually in her own private practice.

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