Curative Class 1

In September/October I will be working in the Troxler School in Wuppertal, Germany, to help the tachers set up a sensory-motor program for some of their severly handicapped children. We will also use the time to set up a therapeutic team, devise individual support plansa

Steinercoach in action


Back in Germany I am working in class 7 in a remedial Steiner school in Wuppertal ,starting a pilot project with the class teacher.

Purpose :

  • To prepare the students for more independent work
  • to differentiate in class 
  • to estabish cooperative social structures with the students

Further reports will follow.

Curative Teacher Training at Warrah

Back in Germany after an intensive week at Warrah Village, near Sydney. The first module of eight of a new curative teacher training course took place at Warrah Special School, the last curative Steiner school in Australia. 22 people came and spent 4 days of study. A new chapter of life seems to have started at the place. Great to see. I contributed a lecture and workshop on early child development and infant reflexes.