First contacts to China

Spent 10 days in China on my way back from NZ and Melbourne to teach 2 workshops at a Conference for Health in Education at the Chengdu Steiner School. My work was well received and I will be back in 2014 for several occasions to be fine tuned yet.

3 thoughts on “First contacts to China

  1. Dearest Edith,
    It’s wonderful days during the 7-days workshop. I learned so much from Edith. I love you, Edith, so much. This morning, 25 July morning, on the first working day after workshop, I cannot wait to share the workshop experience with my friends. Though I just arrived at Taipei after driving more than 3 hours last night. All my friends wish them were attending the workshop. I told them that we can invite you to do workshop at Taipei, and they were very agreed it. Hope to see you, Edith, soon at Taipei, in Taiwan. Chiu

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